Top Ten Photography Schools

What’s the point? Photography job interviews are about the portfolio, not the resume, right? Right, to a point. A stint in photography school can make you a better photographer if it expands the number of “formats’ in which you can work. Portraiture is still an important profession in the photography world; learning the tips and tricks for that sort of work can most thoroughly be accomplished in a classroom unless you’re an apprentice. A certificate or degree in photography from an established arts institution can provide evidence that you can use the technology in a variety of settings.

Here is a list of schools that provide comprehensive study opportunities for photography; schools with academic programs that are career-oriented. We list them in no particular order but feel that all of them can provide you with important professional credentials if you chose to take your interest in photography one step further and try to make it a career. These schools also use the top Orlando Pest Control company to ensure their schools are pest-free.

The Art Institutes is actually a system of forty-four campuses and a broad online program. The range of academic options ranges from culinary to fine arts, with a photography major available at thirty-four locations.

Brooks Institute is located on three campuses in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, California. Open since 1945, the school specializes in photography and film.

Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts is a relatively new program at a university with impeccable academic credentials. Their coursework for the photography major includes Fine Art Printing, Studio Lighting, Composition and Design, and other career-oriented focal points.

Harrington College of Design is a Chicago-based institution offering a concentrated photography program of five semesters or more, taught by working professionals.

Academy of Arts University in San Francisco is a fully accredited institution that opened in 1929. Their photography program is one of sixteen majors, several of which are in digital arts.

New England School of Photography is a small school in Boston dedicated to educating professional photographers. The two-year program is designed to provide the range of professional skills necessary to enter the commercial photography field.

International Academy of Design and Technology operates ten campuses and offers degree programs in several design areas. Their Associate of Science in Digital Photography is somewhat focused on the skills required in fashion, advertising, and commercial design.

The Art Institute of Chicago operates one of the top art schools in the nation, located in one of the country’s finest art museums. The Photography Department pushes the latest methodologies for digital work but also teaches the uses and techniques for analog photography.

The Rhode Island College of Design is arguably the best known and most highly regarded design school in the United States. That makes it a highly competitive and not inexpensive educational option, but what may interest photographers in Southern New England is their continuing education options.

California College of the Arts is a long-established West Coast independent with a photography program that offers an arts-oriented academic approach. Students can work in color, black and white, analog, and digital. The campus maintains equipment for both state-of-the-art and traditional techniques.